Annulment Ministry

Tribunal Ministry
Saint Andrew Catholic Church
Diocese of Fort Worth
What is an annulment?
An annulment is a declaration by the Catholic Church that after careful investigation, flaws were discovered in the relationship that prevented it from becoming a marriage. An annulment is concerned mainly with the personal and spiritual aspects of marriage. It does not "erase" the civil contract, and it does not render the children illegitimate. It merely states that after thorough investigation, the Church has decided that a marriage, as the Church understands marriage, was not valid.
Saint Andrew Parish serves in the Tribunal Ministry of the Diocese by assisting parishioners who desire to proceed with the process of annulment
To inquire about or to initiate the annulment process contact Michele Salcedo
"Grounded in the teaching of the Catholic Church, the Tribunal exercises its ministry of healing and reconciliation in a spirit of compassion and confidentiality.
All who share in this ministry commit themselves to mutual support and professional development in canon law and pastoral practice." (taken from the mission statement for the Tribunal, Diocese of Fort Worth)
The Tribunal Ministry team members for Saint Andrew Parish are:
  • Michele Salcedo
  • Kathy Hakala
  • Deacon Terry Howard
  • Jessica McCraw
  • Tom McCraw
  • Linda Price
  • Ellen Sowers
  • Deacon Lynn Sowers
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