Deannie Rooney

What do you consider the most important issue facing Saint Andrew Catholic Parish and how do you recommend addressing it?

 We compete with thousands of temptations that lure Christians away from full participation in our faith. It is easy to fall away from the Church but hard to get back in the "groove". Leading by example is difficult in today's "let everyone be themselves" world.  It's not easy to treat others with kindness, touch those in need, always have a smile and a positive attitude, open your heart to strangers and openly profess your faith. A lack of personal commitment to our church is a lack of commitment to our God.  I would like to find new ways to make our Parish and our Faith more meaningful and work hard to help bring our Parishioners back to full partnership with our Lord and our community.

What do you like best about Saint Andrew Catholic Parish and why?

I have met many friendly, welcoming and accepting Parishioners. Our Friars are open, approachable, compassionate, supportive and caring. They give powerful, meaningful, educational and inspiring sermons and homilies. They challenge my faith and give me a desire to learn more.  I am confident that my input to members of the Staff and to our Friars is favorably considered.  In my travels across the USA, I have attended Mass in hundreds of Catholic Churches and I feel that ours is a model of how our community and our priests work "as one" to support our Faith.  I feel comfortable and welcomed volunteering and helping. I enjoy the convenience of a Sunday evening Mass and the variety of music.

What gifts would you bring to the Pastoral Council?

I would bring "new blood", fresh thinking, a very positive attitude and a wide breadth of experience.  I am a "Leader" but also an active participant in my Faith community. Before moving to Texas, I served in various positions in my church community. I worked directly with our Monsignor and Priests, was Parish Council President, representative on the Bishop's Deanery, President of the Women's Association and on the Liturgy Committee.  I taught Baptism Classes, lead Stations of the Cross and coordinated and led the Children's Christmas Liturgy. I am an experienced long range planner and a "get it done" short range organizer and problem solver. I am an accomplished public speaker.

Optional Information: My husband Tom and I have five children and eleven granddaughters. We have attended Mass and participated in St. Andrew Parish activities for almost 8 years.  I have a BA in Psychology. I am a Mass Captain, Eucharistic Minister and Lector. In the past, I have organized Fund Raising activities, volunteered at the Center of Hope, Chaired Blood Drives and more. I love to meet people and often host parties in my home for over 100 guests. I am an independent thinker but learned to reach consensus in solving problems. I am a good listener and can empathize with the opinion of others.  I am a self-employed Forensic Accountant and General Contractor with time to serve on the Pastoral Council.

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