Family of Faith Introduction


It's with great enthusiasm that I announce the start of an exciting new approach to religious education here at Saint Andrew

A Family of Faith by Sophia Institute Press.


This program teaches the Catholic faith to parents who then teach the faith to their children.


On hearing about this new concept, some parents have expressed concern, "But I'm not trained as a teacher! I'm worried I don't know enough about our religion!" As Jesus said so often, "Do not be afraid!" Remember it has been parents, just like you, who have been teaching in our religious education classes all these years. And they are not trained theologians.  As a parent, you will be provided with the material and tools you need to accomplish this crucial task. And there's something more that you've already been given.…


As you recall, when a child is baptized in the Catholic Church, the parents are accepting the responsibility of training their child in the practice of the faith and acknowledging the duty to bring them up to keep God's commandments. The religious education of children is part of the God-given vocation of parents, and the Lord never calls us to do something without also giving us everything we need to accomplish it. So, on top of the essential material and tools our parish will provide, God has given you His grace to do this! And that's something no teacher in the classroom could ever claim.


Enclosed is information about the program. Please read it very carefully. Then complete the enclosed registration form and return it to the parish office as soon as possible—no later than Wednesday, August 29. All families must be registered in advance to take part in this new program.


The first parent session for A Family of Faith is scheduled for Wednesday, September 12, 7:00-9:00pm, and will be held in the church. Childcare will be available in the Parish Hall. Please be prompt. I look forward to embarking on this new venture with you and allowing Jesus to transform Saint Andrew into a family of faith.


Deacon Kevin Bagley, D.Min., Director of Faith Formation & Evangelization


Rev. Jim Gigliotti, T.O.R., Pastor

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