Finance Council

The role of the Parish Finance Council is fiscal stewardship.  The Parish Finance Council serves as a consultative body, required by Canon Law, and assists the Pastor in the administration and stewardship of finances, budget, facilities, fundraising and long-range financial planning. In the interest of keeping clear communication lines open, there is a representative from the School Advisory Council and the Parish Council also on this Council.

The members of the Parish Finance Council are to be appointed and to include people with expertise in banking, finance, accounting and property management. Permanent members of the Parish Finance Council include the Friars and the Business Manager. Members are: Matt Murray ( 682-583-4917, William Wempe ( 817-370-8834, Thomas Fairchild ( 817-735-5497, Joseph Taylor ( 817-991-9100, Stephen Taylor ( 817-897-3621, Andrew Garvett ( 404-358-8003 and Melissa Hill ( 682-583-0082. 

Finance Council Mass Presentation

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