Giftbearer Ministry

During any given Mass a group (Giftbearers) of at least 3 individuals (or a family) takes decanters of wine and a bowl filled with hosts from the back of the church up to the priest at the front of the church. Why do we do this?

This bread and wine is intended to represent "the work of human hands" or whatever we have spent our week doing. In the time of Jesus everyone understood bread and wine as representations of a normal person's daily work because they were so tied to the land and almost everyone tended family gardens and baked their own bread. Our daily work today may not involve our hands at all, so we don't "get" the symbolism of the bread and wine.

But the bread and wine symbolize much more than just the work we have accomplished; they symbolize all we have done, the good and the bad. They symbolize who we really are. The people who carry the gifts are standing in for each one of us. They come from the back of the church bringing all that we are, all that we have to offer, and they process to the front, before the altar of sacrifice on which Jesus gave his life for love of us. On this altar we offer ourselves to be blessed and broken and transformed, along with the Body of Christ, so that we, too, may feed the world.

In our church there is a notebook on a podium in the front foyer with sign-up sheets for Giftbearers at each Mass. Would you be willing to walk down the aisle and hand Jesus the gifts of all those present to be gloriously transformed into bread for the world? Please sign up today for this honor and privilege; take an active part in thanking God for what he has given us and what he can accomplish through us. We need you!

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