Jim O'Neil

What do you consider the most important issue facing Saint Andrew Catholic Parish and how do you recommend addressing it?

I believe there are two issues.  The first is keeping Catholics, young and experienced, actively living our faith.  The second is to continue building our parish's financial foundation so we can actively serve our many ministries.  Practicing our Catholic faith can be contagious.  I have seen the eyes of Kathy's young religious education students light up when they make something good happen for someone else.  I have likewise seen the same in adults going through RCIA when they have an experience with God.  I would like to find more ways to include more of our Parish community in these opportunities. Financial decisions don't get easier with time.  I subscribe to addressing them early and directly.


What do you like best about Saint Andrew Catholic Parish and why?

There are many things I like about Saint Andrew Parish.  One of the key things is the sense of Christian Community.  Beginning with one of the best Parish School's schools in the diocese, religious education for children and adults, the Knights of Columbus, our Parish Social Ministries and the many ways our Parish builds and lives our Christian faith. One of the other key things I like best is our Parish's commitment to ministry.  Saint Andrew Parish does a lot of wonderful things in our multitude of ministries.  It makes me proud to be Catholic and proud to be part of our Parish.


What gifts would you bring to the Pastoral Council?

Business Experience - I bring business experience to the Pastoral Council.  I have successfully conducted business around the world for the past twenty years.  Before that, I practiced accounting and financial management, including earning my CPA.  I have a business education background including an MBA in Finance.  Family Experience - Kathy and I have four sons with whom we are very proud.  There is nothing easy about raising children and I learned a lot.  One big lesson learned is: what you get back is much more valuable than what you put into it.  Commitment - I enjoy working with people committed to a task, it is contagious.  I am very committed to the challenges I accept and will bring that commitment to the Council.


Optional Information: Family - Kathy and I have been married over thirty years and have 4 sons ranging in age from 28 to 18.  Attend SAS - I attended SAS many years ago, graduating from Sister Lawrence's 8th grade class in 1974. Years in FW and St Andrew - I was born and raised in Fort Worth.  I have been a part of the Parish, on and off, since 1969.  Other Activities - Currently I am on the RCIA team.  I have been an Assistant Scout Master for all four of our sons.  We were fortunate to be part of the team facilitating the first Sanctus Retreat.  Employment - I am the Director of Business Ventures at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth, Palmdale, CA and in Marietta, GA.

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