Penny Acrey

What do you consider the most important issue facing Saint Andrew Catholic Parish and how do you recommend addressing it?

I think the most critical issue facing St. Andrew Parish at this time is balancing resources with needs. Current number of Masses, as well as provision of sacraments to a parish this size, is a heavy load for only two Priests. Dealing with a school that is greatly in need of some expansion as well as aging facilities is a challenge for us given our current finances. Careful, and prayerful, consideration must be given to future planning so that we can serve our parish community while being good stewards of what we are provided.  We want to ensure that we are inclusive to our diverse parish and community population as we plan. Further, we need to work toward sustainability.

What do you like best about Saint Andrew Catholic Parish and why?

What I love most about St. Andrew parish is the inclusion and respect that I see toward all facets of our community. We have a very accessible facility, by comparison to many. This enables people who have disabilities as well as the elderly to participate in worship and programming.  In having a school and an active youth ministry, we support our families and children. We are also an ethnically diverse parish. I see a very strong commitment to service in all pastoral planning.

What gifts would you bring to the Pastoral Council?

I will bring my experience in working with diverse populations, including those who are marginalized, to the council. I will also bring my professional experience in staff management, budgets, and planning to the team. Specifically, I am also knowledgeable of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the many community resources available for people who are aging and who have disabilities. As an administrator, a social worker, and a wife and mother, I have multiple perspectives from which to draw in order to evaluate needs and find solutions.


Optional Information: A native Houstonian, I have lived in Fort Worth since 1981. I have been married to Gary for 37 years. We are blessed with three adult children; Sarah, Laura, and Paul. Gary is active in the Knights of Columbus. I have taught CCD, worked in sacramental preparation, and assisted the diocese with services and inclusion for people with disabilities. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker with concentrations in Mental Health, Trauma, and Disability. I am employed by UT Arlington as the Director in the Office for Students with Disabilities. I am also an adjunct instructor, having taught for the School of Social Work, The Disability Studies Minor, and the First Year Experience Program.

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