Sanctity of Life Committee

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Team and Committee Mission: As a gift from God, every human life is sacred from conception to natural death.
Purpose and Vision Statement: Saint Andrew Parish Sanctity of Life Committee's purpose is to ….
… defend human life and promote the dignity of the human person.
… support the initiatives of the Respect Life Office of the Fort Worth Diocese.
… follow the directives of the USCCB.
… develop educational tools (such as bulletin inserts and information on Parish web site) and distribute them through means available in the parish.
… conduct the ministry after the example of the Lord Jesus who did not condemn or judge, but rather taught the Love of God.
Values: Through prayer ask for Divine guidance to grant us the wisdom to understand and the courage to do God's will to revere the sanctity and dignity of human life. The ministry will be honest and open, proactively seek parishioner input, be accountable to Saint Andrew Catholic Parish for our actions, and to improve our effectiveness over time through a commitment to try, and learn from, innovative ideas.
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