Volunteer Opportunities

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Food Distribution
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
12:00 noon - 2:00 PM
Some Restrictions May Apply
Parishioners by appointment

Wednesday Evening
6:30 PM -7:30 PM
Some Restrictions May Apply
Parishioners by appointment

Thomas M. Stumpf, LMSW
Director of Food Pantry Outreach
817-927-5383 ext. 2122

Food Pantry
12:00 noon - 2:00 PM
817-927-5383 ext. 2123
Monday, Wednesday, Wednesday Evenings, Friday
Help get the Food Pantry Ready for distribution. May include restocking shelves, making Grab-Bags, setting up chairs and tables, taking out trash and cardboard, recording freezer and refrigerator temperatures.
Monday, Wednesday, Wednesday Evenings, Friday
Greet our guests as they sign-in, hand out information as needed (such as closures for holidays), give basic instructions (where to sit, how to sign in), collect guest IDs and pass them to File Clerk.
File Clerk
Monday, Wednesday, Wednesday Evenings, Friday
Locate guest folders in filing cabinet based on the name on the guest's ID and their DOB, pull folder from file and hand it to the File Reviewer. File Clerk also files completed folders alphabetically in the file cabinet.
File Reviewer
Monday, Wednesday, Wednesday Evenings, Friday
Review's guest folders to check eligibility for special items (eggs, turkey's, etc.), places a current menu and pick up number with the folder, copies necessary info onto the menu & gives folders to Interviewer/Qualifier.
Monday, Wednesday, Wednesday Evenings, Friday
Calls guests by name to sit with them and complete the menu. Interviewers read through the menu with the guest, circling the items they want based off of family size. Give completed menu/folder to Grocery Packer.
Monday, Wednesday, Wednesday Evenings, Friday
Qualifiers can do everything an interviewer can do with the addition of completing all paperwork requirements of Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB) and Food Pantry Outreach.
Grocery Packer
Monday, Wednesday, Wednesday Evenings, Friday
Pack guest orders by filling boxes and bags with the items each guest has selected. Other tasks include restocking shelves as needed, helping guests take their food to their car & collecting carts from the parking lot.
Monday, Wednesday, Wednesday Evenings, Friday
Answers the phones, responding to guest questions, arrange times for Parishioners to pick up groceries, and other office duties as needed. Also locates and files Parishioner folders.
Data Entry
Monday, Wednesday, Wednesday Evening, Thursday, Friday
Adds the items distributed to each family into our tracking software by using a barcode scanner and the completed menus. Also adds new guests to the software database.
Tarrant Area Food Bank Driver
Tuesday Morning
Drives our flatbed pick-up truck to the Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB) to pick up our food order. Does NOT require CDL or special license. Also selects additional items at TAFB to add to our order.
Tuesday Mornings
Unloads truck from TAFB. Adds, removes and arranges food on the shelves based on TAFB order and food in warehouse. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO LIFT AT LEAST 50 LBS. FOR THIS POSITION.
Donation Driver
Monday Morning, Tuesday Afternoon, Wednesday Morning & Afternoon, Thursday Afternoon, Friday Afternoon
Pick up donations from local retailers for distribution to our guests. Primarily baked goods from Albertsons and Carshons, and miscellaneous things from SPECs. Use of personal vehicle is required at this time.
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